VMworld 2010 in Copenhagen is over.

It was a huge success as far as us here at VMGuru.nl concerns. We had a fantastic time. Although it was very demanding at times, the team pulled through together. During VMworld, we generated more than 20 posts here at VMGuru.nl. Edwin’s dairy posts gave a bit of an insight in what we did every day. In general, we were on our feet from 7:30 AM up to 01:30 AM. During these long days, we shot a huge amount of photo’s and video’s. Most material has already been posted and we hope we have made a difference with our posts.

Our goal was to give you, our visitor,  an idea of what was shown at VMworld 2010, the keynote sessions, the solution exchange and the overall experience. If we did it right, you might even have had the feeling you were there with us at the conference. We tried to interview the interesting people and show new products you might want to hear about and look at. Nevertheless we hope to see more of you in person at VMworld 2011, wherever it may be. Wouldn’t it be great if VMworld Europe got bigger than the US version? :P

On a personal note ….

On a personal note, I thought it was very nice to finally meet some folks in person. At times, the bloggers lounge was packed with people, I didn’t have the chance to meet with everybody but I will surely remember you all. It was a pleasure to meet Mike Laverick, David Davis, Gerben Kloosterman, Scott Lowe, Eric Sloof, Duco Jaspars, Scott Herold, Gabrie van Zanten, Bob Plankers, Duncan Epping, Simon Seagrave and many many more (yeah, the dutch were a bit overrepresented :) ). Also, meeting Steve Herrod and Paul Strong definitely was one of the highlights of my VMworld 2010. And  John Troyer was almost like a father to us bloggers at times. It wasn’t always said out loud but it was very much appreciated, John!

Of course we would like to thank John and Richard Garsthagen for our bloggers passes and their perfect hospitality and Maurice Riksen for his everlasting support!

We shot a huge amount of video and photo material at this VMworld. We still have some stuff left. You will see it appear on the site during the next days. If you have any suggestions how we can improve your remote VMworld experience, please let us know and we will try to make it happen for 2011!

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Video coverage on YouTube and Vimeo.
Images and photos on our gallery