A week ago, Arjan, initiated a VMworld Great Prize Draw giving away some of the items he collected at VMworld 2010 in Copenhagen. Because we had some extra items we introduced an additional fourth prize.

I got the honors of naming the winners, so I pulled the numbers 15, 7, 3 and  5.

Matching this with Arjan’s list of registrations resulted in the following four prize winners.

  • First prize, the original VMware World Lab Staff Shirt, goes to Giuseppe Guglielmetti.
  • Second prize, the original VMworld Backpack, goes to Jason Robinson.
  • Third prize, a original VMworld Surprise, goes to Richard van der Sligte.
  • And the fourth prize, the original VMworld Virtual roads, Actual clouds t-shirt, goes to Darrin Jones.

The four winners will receive an e-mail shortly from Arjan for their address data. Thanks for participating!