As you might or might not know, I’m the hosting dude at Our site runs on a Linux VM with Apache and that gives us the performance and stability we need. The combination of Apache on Linux gives us some nice options to run statistics on and of course we do. So, without further ado, here are the browser and OS statistics you all help to build.











Apparently more than 80% of you are on Windows, but only half of those use the accompanied browser Internet Explorer. Firefox seems to be very popular second with only a few percentages less. Apple is on the way up within our community but far off from the claimed 20% or more market share. Linux doesn’t cut it, so it seems, only 3.4% of you are on Linux, according to our stats.

Also, one thing stands out to me as I am a former Solaris admin; we seem to have one loyal user on Solaris using (I think) the integrated Netscape browser :)

So, it seems that the VMware oriented audience differs from the general public. Apple isn’t as strongly upcoming and the market share of Internet Explorer is not as big as with the general audience.