Windows 7 unable to connect to View Connection Server

After installing the patches described in Microsoft Knowledge Base articles 2482017 or 2467023 Windows 7 clients are unable to connect from the View Client to the View Connection Server.

According to a VMware Knowledge Base article there is a conflict with two security bulletins issued for Windows 7, causing disruptions for VMware’s View Client and creating connection failures for users attempting to access the View Client Server.

These conflicts are caused by the following two Microsoft patches:

  1. 2482017 (a cumulative security update for Internet Explorer)
  2. 2467023 (an update to address an issue with the handling of system binaries in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 systems).

Both updates were released as part of Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday last week, and the problem affects both 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows 7 running VMware View.

VMware released a Knowledge Base offering users two options to solve the problem:

  • Users who have already installed the patches can either upgrade to VMware View Client build 353760, or they can uninstall the two Microsoft patches;
  • VMware also recommended that if the newest Microsoft security updates had not yet been installed, users should download and install the View Client patch before updating their Windows 7 machines with Microsoft’s security fixes.