After a busy and hectic weekend is back online.

During the first two years of Alex provided the hosting services. He was a member of a co-locating club and owned a personal web server with adequate bandwidth. But during the years our demands grew and we got ourselves a new server and Alex and Anne Jan build a SMB infrastructure on ESXi to host our website.

But with the new server our power consumption grew and our demands skyrocketed but the co-locating club had a few limitations. Limited public IP addresses and only Linux operating systems.

So we decided to search for a new hosting service and found VDA Hosting in Amsterdam. A good co-locator with good bandwidth, IP addresses to spare and a good price/performance ratio.

Last weekend was the time to move. Saturday morning 8:30 we left for Amsterdam to get our server and move it to it’s new location. The move was simple, the new configuration and IP address changes we’re relatively easy but then the problems started.

When we checked the website and e-mail connectivity using mobile Internet on our cellphones, everything looked fine, so we left and went home. But during the return trip we got some phone calls that the website performance was bad. When we got home Alex and Anne Jan checked the complete configuration but they found nothing.

Eventually Alex found a KB article from the Linux firewall appliance we are running that there was a problem with the use of VMXNet 3 network adapters. After a reconfiguration of the firewall with Intel e1000 adapters the performance was back and we could all go to bed.



Now the performance is great and is back online and ready for the future.

So the infrastructure is ready to bring you the high quality content you’re used to on

If you have any comments regarding the move to our new datacenter please feel free to leave us a comment.