Review: Exchange Server 2010 training by TrainSignal

Trainsignal Exchange 2010 training kitSome time ago.. actually, a long time ago, we here at received a sample of a training DVD from TrainSignal. I promised to write a review on it, but I honestly didn’t come around to it due to all sorts of personal stuff. But the DVD box made it safely through the move from one house to the next. So, today I sat down and opened the DVD box.

So, first of all, it’s definitely a proper training. This isn’t your average ‘we demo, you watch’ kind of training. It’s aimed to let you pass the Exchange 2010 exam, but it does more. This 3 DVD box set covers all topics you  need to understand to successfully implement Exchange 2010 into an organization in 40 lessons. It does not only show you how and where to configure things, but most importantly, it tries to show you why. This is the first time I’ve encountered such an approach in a self-paced training package. It really is pretty extensive.

The course is based on a fictive scenario where a company called ‘Globomantics’ wants to move from a hosted email solution to an on premise Exchange 2010 solution. In addition, the company bought a small firm in Brasil. This company has an Exchange 2007 configuration in place and needs to be integrated into the on premise 2010 solution. This might very well be a real life situation. Although you might choose a different solution in the current market and situation, the focus here is to implement Exchange 2010, of course. The scenario is really pretty well thought out. Multi-server, multi-site and even some budget considerations are in place in the chosen scenario.

Trainsignal Exchange 2010 training DVD media photoThe biggest problem with self-paced training kits based on video is that the user needs to be on the same page as the instructor. This means that when it comes to performing some tests or configuration procedures, you as a student need to have more or less the same lab config available as the instructor uses in the video’s. This kit dedicates a whole video AND a setup document on how to build your own lab setup. This is a huge help for students who never did this at home or are not used to self-study in this way. Actually, the lab setup explanation is that good, that you can use it for many other trainings as well ;)

This training actually is not only useful for those who never touched an Exchange server in their entire lives. If you have some legacy experience with Exchange, for instance with version 5.5, 2000 or 2003, this video training really will help you get up to speed with the newest child in the Exchange family. Even if you are familiar with Exchange 2007, you will still find a lot of useful training and information in this training kit.

Now, I will not get into detail with every lesson, that would be far to extensive for this review. In the 40 lessons of about 30-45 minutes each, you will get a proper instruction and training in how to install, configure and design an Exchange 2010 environment. You will need a Windows system to follow the training (most of you will probably have one around :) ) and of course a system to run your labs on.

The content of the training is pretty current (Exchange 2010, Office 2010), the instructor is clear, good to understand (important for those non-native English speaking students) and all covered topics are important for any implementation or to pass your exam for Exchange 2010. To be honest, I really think that any administrator who is moving to Exchange 2010, if you plan to pass the exam or not, should have the knowledge that is provided within this training kit.

So, to conclude this review, I think this is a training kit that is put together with care. The 3rd DVD even lets you take content on the road with you. iPod, MP3 and WMV files are provided so you can study where you want, when you want it. The course material is well thought out, well documented and easy to follow for the novice as well as experienced Exchange admin. If you want to pass the Exchange 70-662 certification exam or if you just want to know everything about installing and implementing Exchange 2010, this is a very good training kit to pick. For more info, see this link.

Trainsignal Exchange 2010 training DVD interface screenshot







Screenshot of the instruction/course screen within the browser

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Screenshot of the start-up screen