VMware Next Step in End-User Computing roadshow June 2011


VMware Next Step in End-User Computing roadshow June 2011 from Ton Hermes, Senior SE VMware on Vimeo.

The Future of End User Computing goes much further than just delivering a vDesktop and vApplications to users. Users today are demanding more and more that functionality is available 24/7, where new functionality can be immediately obtained when needed and that they can use a device of their choice to work with.

This is why more and more companies are re-evaluating the way they deliver functionality at their users and find out along the way that the current IT-architecture is insufficient to support the new demands.

But what does this mean for IT departments? How do you deal with “Bring Your Own Device”, the integration and management of cloud applications and supporting all sort of new mobile devices like tablets and mobile phones? Do you see it as a Challenges, Threats or as Opportunities? During the VMware End-User Computing roadshow a lot of these questions were answered.

In June 2011, a VMware roadshow traveled around in the Netherlands where end-users where updated around the subject End User Computing. The roadshow took place at four different places where per location a dedicated VMware partner joined forces with VMware to tell more about End-User Computing, the future ahead and the possible road to support the new demands and wishes of users and their organization.

On the 15th of June we kicked off the VMware Next Step in End User computing roadshow on the nice location of the Sparta stadium at Rotterdam. I presented a customer case study at the event, where a practical example showed how we as Imtech ICT helped the customers’ business.

The customer needed:

  •   Reduction in management costs for workplace management ;
  •   A good balance between cost and quality to provide services to its customers within the organization;
  •   Have a flexible way to quickly and easily move with the organization changing demands;
  •   Faster time to market for new functionality;
  •   Reduce distortions in the infrastructure in order to get the infrastructure stable again so continuity can be guaranteed.

We used VMware View in combination with VMware ThinApp, RES Workspace Management and of course VMware vSphere as the foundation. For reducing the workplace management cost we are using the Wyse P20 zero client with Terradici chip so we can use PCoIP almost native, and guarantee an excellent user experience. And that is where we all do it for, isn’t it? Give the users an excellent user experience with a dynamic desktop supported from central datacenter(s) for keeping the costs under control and data secure, while giving access to functionality 24/7.

The customer gained:

  •   Reduction in workplace managers from six to two, the four operators are used in many projects that could not start due to insufficient staff;
  •   Deployment of new functionality from 3-5 weeks in just under 3 days;
  •   Reduction of electrical costs per user workplace with 38 euro per device per year;
  •   Reduction of incident calls around workplace management with 75%;
  •   Last but not least: Happy Users!

Over 300+ users attended the roadshow across four key locations and saw 8 presentations and demo’s, including:

  •   VMware Journey to the Cloud > Your Cloud;
  •   The Virtual Desktop with VMware View;
  •   Application Virtualization with ThinApp;
  •   VMware VDI Appliances & POC in a Box;
  •   Customer cases presented by the dedicated partners;
  •   E-mail & Collaboration with VMware Zimbra;
  •   Mobile Virtualization Platform;
  •   Putting it all together; VMware Horizon.

Thanks to VMware and specially Ton Hermes and his team for making this roadshow a great success. Let us take you on a virtual journey into the future, hope to SEE YOU NEXT TIME!