This week we already reported on Project Octopus but at the same time VMware announced the the long anticipated web based HTML5 application delivery tool called AppBlast, which will be available soon.

I don’t know where VMware gets it’s project names. With Project Octopus I picture IT meets James Bond and Project AppBlast sounds like IT meets Battlestar Galactica. But again, like Project Otocpus, it’s very cool.

For those that don’t know about AppBlast, it is a web based delivery model for delivering ThinApp applications to any end user device compatible with HTML5 and Java. App Blast integrates with VMware Horizon App Manager and will allow IT organizations to entitle users to access ThinApp applications directly from the web to any device such as Apple’s iPad or Android based devices.

The end user will be able to access these applications without having to install it to their client device. This gives the IT organization greater control over application deployments and version control.

Project AppBlast which converts your traditional desktop applications into HTML5 to allow you run them on any HTML compliant device. It will provide the universal delivery of any application, including Windows-based applications, to any off-the-shelf browser or device supporting HTML 5, enabling instant remote access to non-HTML based applications. I expect it to become a integral part of the total End User Computing solution, challenging Citrix in their own back yard.