VMware Announces 3 New Management suites



Today during the Keynote with Steve Herrod, VMware announced the release of 3 new management suites:


vFabric Application Management Suite 1.0

The growing adoption of virtualization, cloud computing, shared services, and strategic sourcing has created even more opportunities for IT to deliver value. But it also means more IT service components and vendor relationships to manage. In large enterprises, this complexity has outgrown the scope of traditional IT financial management disciplines. Tracking IT costs and pinpointing areas of inefficiency or low business value is nearly impossible without tools that aid visibility and analysis across the full spectrum of IT services. When IT Business Management is done manually or with simplistic solutions, it is not only inefficient and prone to errors, but also fails to address the complete picture of IT services.


vCenter Operations Management suite 5.0

VMware vCenter Operations is tightly integrated with VMware vSphere and designed for dynamic environments to dramatically simplify and automate Operations Management. VMware uses an integrated approach with patented analytics to provide the intelligence and visibility needed to proactively ensure service levels reduce risk of downtime and optimize your environment for efficiency and cost. VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite is designed for VMware vSphere and built for Cloud to dramatically simplify and automate operations management.