Updated Enterprise hypervisor comparison

During the last few years we published several Enterprise Hypervisor comparisons and we got very positive comments and feedback on it. With the release of vSphere 5, XenServer 6 and a service pack for Hyper-V it was time for an update.

It very interesting to see how some of the products have improved over the years and how the three major manufacturers look at each other and copy features. But you can’t trust all manufacturers by just a simple green checkbox. Some claimed features need third party add-ons, aren’t suitable for production workloads or are only supported on a limited set of operating systems. You have to investigate further and I hope I’ve done most of that work for you with this new enterprise hypervisor comparison.

I have spent hours collecting information on vSphere 5, XenServer 6.0 and Hyper-V 2008 R2 SP1. Not all information is easy to find and some of it is even contradicting but I checked, double checked and the VMGuru-crew did a full review so I’m pretty sure the information is 99,9999% accurate.

I hope you find the new Enterprise Hypervisor comparison useful and feel free to contact us when you have feedback for us to improve the list.

In this version I added 15 new criteria. Many of these criteria should, in my opinion, be available in hypervisors suitable for enterprise environments.

You can find my updated Enterprise Hypervisor comparison here.

Last update: August 27th, 2013.