Today Teradici announced the availability of their long awaited Server Offload Card, the Teradici APEX 2800.

VDI implementations are typically constrained by the servers’ CPUs. The many tasks a CPU performs, together with PCoIP® protocol image encoding, limits the number of virtual machines that can run on any one server.

The APEX 2800 card offloads graphics processing from the server CPU which can reduce server CPU utilization by up to 50%, freeing up valuable CPU cycles which can be used to support even more virtual machines, allow existing virtual machines to run more intensive applications, or simply to provide more headroom to your VDI implementation. With 2GB of on-board memory, each Server Offload Card can support up to 64 displays at a resolution of 1920×1200.

The Teradici APEX2800 delivers an even better PCoIP user experience and improves the number of VDI sessions per server. Because of the offloading to the APEX2800 you can deliver a more reliable and consistent level of experience regardless of the overall demand on server CPUs. The APEX 2800 works seamlessly with VMware View (4.6, 5.0 or later).

The APEX 2800 is a true plug and play card which is simply plugged into the server and hardware acceleration is selected in VMware View. The card than automatically monitors the CPU and graphic encoding demands of each virtual machine and seamlessly offloads the most demanding PCoIP protocol image encoding tasks from the CPU. It determines which displays will benefit the most from hardware acceleration in real time. The transitions to and from the CPU and Server Offload Card happen instantly and transparently, protecting the users’ experience even as load changes.

Not only does the APEX 2800 improve performance, it also enables overall cost reductions because more users can be supported on a server which means fewer servers, less data center floor space, decreased power consumption and lower maintenance.

The Teradici APEX 2800 server offload card is the first Teradici product sold direct to end customers and is now available through worldwide distributors and resellers, including Dell and HP websites as a peripheral at MSPR of $1,995-1,999 in the US. Teradici will be demonstrating the Teradici APEX 2800 server offload card and other PCoIP products in booth 202 at the VMware Partner Exchange, taking place February 13 – 16 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

If you want to know more, check out this Teradici video.