Top Virtualization Blogs 2012 Results are in

Last month we asked to vote for us if you appreciated our blog and apparently a lot of you did.

This year almost 1200 votes were recorded compared to 800 last year, also the total number of blogs on the list increased from 112 to 187 blogs to choose from. This makes it tougher to get in the top 25. As independent bloggers we are very proud and honored that finished 19th in Eric Siebert’s blogger contest on  The past year has been a wild roller coaster ride. We switched jobs, met lots of new interesting and intriguing people, shared and absorbed as much knowledge as we could and had great fun doing it.

We appreciate your votes and ongoing support and want to thank all who voted for us!!!

Select the YouTube video below to watch the Special Edition 25 vChat episode where Eric Siebert, David Davis, Simon Seagrave and Special Guest, John Troyer count down the Top 25 VMware Blogs as voted by you. The fragment where is awarded 19th place is at 9:38.

vChat - Episode 25: Virtualization Blog Awards 2012