Trend Micro Deep Security 8 available now

At VMworld last year Trend Micro already announced their new version Deep Security 8, but now it is finally available.

Deep Security is specifically designed for virtual environments. Its agent-less architecture addresses AV storms, minimizes operational complexity of security and allows organizations to increase VM densities and accelerate virtualization and cloud adoption. Developed in close collaboration with VMware, Deep Security 8 is the first product in its category to offer support for VMware vSphere 5.0 and VMware vShield Endpoint 2.0.

But what’s new in Trend Micro Deep Security 8? First of all it supports vSphere 5, so customers using Deep Security can finally upgrade their vSphere 4.x environments. Second, DS8 now offers agent-less integrity monitoring for greater virtual server security without added footprint. A third great new feature is a anti-malware agent which extends protection to physical server as well as VMware View environments using local mode.

Below is a diagram how Trend Micro Deep Security 8 can protect physical and virtual servers, (virtual) desktops and laptops and even the cloud.

Deep Security also provides full backward compatibility with vSphere 4.1 environments. The Deep Security 8.0 Manager also supports mixed mode VMware environments supporting both vSphere 5.0 and vSphere 4.1 protected by the Deep Security 8.0 or 7.5 virtual appliances.

Trend Micro Deep Security offers a server security platform comprising of anti-malware, firewall, IDS/IPS, web application protection, integrity monitoring and log inspection in one integrated solution, Deep Security 8 also offers the following new benefits:

For physical servers: Automatic cloud-based event white-listing and configurable trusted events lower the operational complexity of integrity monitoring, further opening the technology to a much wider set of customers. Agent-based anti-malware allows organizations to extend the same Deep Security protections to physical servers for Windows and Linux operating systems.

For virtual servers: Agent-lessFile Integrity Monitoring, through the same Deep Security Virtual Appliance that already provides agent-less anti-malware and agent-less intrusion prevention in a virtual environment, removes integrity scan storms and significantly lowers the operational complexity. Flexible deployment architecture allows select VMs to be set up with optional agents that coordinate with the virtual appliance for added defense in depth. Hypervisor integrity monitoring utilizing Intel TPM/TXT technology is one of the first market solutions available to monitor whether the hypervisor is compromised Support for VMware vSphere 5 and VMware vShield™ Manager 5, with VMware vShield Endpoint Security API 2, also permits backward compatibility with VMware vSphere 4.1 with VMware vShield 1.0.

For virtual desktops: Agent-based anti-malware for VDI local mode allows continuously optimized protection of virtual desktops as they move outside, and back, into the data center. For virtual desktop environments protected by Deep Security agent-less anti-malware, Deep Security now provides an optional End-user Notifier that can provide malware notifications in lieu of a full-blown anti-malware agent.

For cloud servers: See below for Deep Security 8 integration with SecureCloud 2. Further benefits for end-users Organizations need only license those security components they currently need on specific servers—adding a module is a simple license key switch.

Trend Micro Deep Security 8 is available now in the Trend Micro Download Center.