Last week I had the opportunity to sneak peak a new free tool made by VKernel named SearchMyVM Explorer. The tool is added to the vOPS Server Explorer tool and brings a long awaited and asked for feature designed to cut down time and effort in finding items in you virtual environment(s). It works very easy, you can search like you are used to in Google. Select if you want to search a VM, Resource pool, Host or Cluster with lots and lots of metrics.

This new utility provides a “Google-like” search into the virtual environment and complements the existing VM health visualization utility in vOPS Server Explorer.


The new search utility, SearchMyVM Explorer, indexes an environment‘s virtual machines, hosts, clusters, resource pools, files, snapshots, VMware tools, applications, and configuration information.

As virtual environments grow bigger and bigger finding what you search for can be real time consuming. Manually, the VM search process can take minutes or even hours for each query that is sought. Or you see excel sheets filled lots of datasets pulled from the environment which aren’t updated regularly so the findings because less accurate each day. I think this tool will help lots of administrators who control virtualized environments which are dynamic and change frequently. vOPS Server Explorer with the SearchMyVM Explorer tool comes as a virtual appliance and is provided free of charge. Just download it, deploy the virtual machine and configure the virtual appliance, it could help you so I would recommend you to take a look at it.

vOPS Server Explorer(formerly VKernel vScope Explorer) is a suite of free utilities for VM administrators. This suite is composed of two utilities:

  • vScope Explorer: Designed to assess the health of a virtualized environment, this utility immediately identifies VMs, hosts and datastores that are suffering performance, capacity and efficiency issues
  • SearchMyVM Explorer: Based on the award-winning SearchMyVM stand-alone free tool, this utility provides “Google-like” search capabilities into a virtual environment

vOPS Server Explorer with the expanded “Google-Like” search capability, SearchMyVM Explorer utility, is available for download just click the box on the left.