The pRoad to vExpert

I often get several questions regarding how I started in IT, how I became an Enterprise Architect, how did I get where I am nowadays, what did you do in the past years and what my advice would be if someone wanted to get a job like mine. For the VMTN vExpert Spotlight I answered a few of those questions.

Want to know how I rolled into the IT business, when I got involved with VMware, why I am blogging on and was rewarded vExpert 2010, 2011 and and now recurring in 2012? Read it on today’s vExpert Spotlight on the VMware Communities VMTN Blog:

vExpert Spotlight: Edwin Weijdema

One last take away: if you see our top banner here on, you see:

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun”

When you are trying to grow in your field of work and/or your life keep this motto in your mind and you will truly excel. If you love what you do, like us, you do it with passion and commitment.

Erik has been in the vExpert Spotlight last year you can read about his story here.