VMware is rapidly expanding the possibilities of their new management suite VMware vCenter Operations Manager (vCops) with their recent release of VMware vCenter Operations Manager for View. This new addition provides end-to-end visibility into the health, performance and efficiency of a VMware View virtual desktop infrastructure. With this new tool desktop administrators can proactively ensure the best end-user experience, avert incidents and eliminate bottlenecks.

VMware vCenter Operations Manager for View really simplifies the deployment and management of a VMware View infrastructure. Admins can do end-to-end performance monitoring of entire virtual infrastructure, perform user-specific infrastructure analysis and track the  health of various components in a view deployment.

The cool thing is, VMware vCenter Operations Manager for View automatically learns normal operating parameters for View infrastructure and user workloads. This means the thresholds are not based on some default parameter from a configuration or best practices guide. Instead it knows when your infrastructure is acting normal or is in trouble by constantly monitoring and evaluating the behavior of your environment.

VMware vCenter Operations Manager is now completely VMware View-aware and is able to automatically analyze and correlate monitoring data from the entire virtual desktop infrastructure stack from storage to compute and network resources across physical and virtual boundaries.

It also includes PCoIP performance monitoring for View and monitors the View Connection Servers and View Security Servers.

Because vCops is now VMware View -aware it can map metrics back to impacted sessions, users, desktops and pools which makes troubleshooting so much easier.

All in all a great new tool which makes managing a VMware View environment a whole lot easier.

Check out the VMwareTV video below on how to troubleshoot a VMware View issue and drill down to the root cause of the problem.

You can get more information here and even download a free evaluation version. Try it, you won’t be disappointed.