Great VMUG Belgium event

Last Friday Alex and I were invited to speak at the Belgium VMUG. Erik Schils, the Belgian VMUG leader, had setup a VMUG conference at Cisco in Diegem. After a 3 hour drive to Belgium, the conference turned out to be pretty busy, Erik  managed to get 150 -160 VMware enthusiasts to this meeting.

The event was named: “the Blogger Edition” and there were a lot of interesting sessions from community speakers like:

  • RAID types and  alignment impact on VMware workloads’ by Eric Zandboer;
  • Designing a cloud infrastructure’ by Duncan Epping & Lieven D’Hoore;
  • Beer and PowerCLI: you can’t live without them’ by Luc Dekens;
  • Troubleshooting VDI’ by Sven Huisman;
  • VMware Health Check’ by Gabrie van Zanten;
  • Busting a few myths’ by Eric Sloof;
  • ‘Storage DRS’ by Frank Denneman;
  • Unleash the IAAS Cloud: About VMware vCloud Director and more…’ by Viktor van den Berg;
  • And of course ‘HyperV v3.0 vs VMware vSphere 5’ by Alex & myself.

These  community session were complemented by a few vendor session:

  • Mobile devices and Cloud. Bring ’em on’ by Albert Kramer  from Trend Micro;
  • VCE’ by Cisco, EMC & Trend Micro;
  • vCenter Orchestrator’ by Arnim Van Lieshout from VMware.

All in all a great day, with a lot of great sessions, great people, good questions and good food and drinks.

Special thanks to Erik Schils for organizing this great event and thanks for the invitation. Unfortunately we had to leave early because of other obligations but next time we will definitely stay longer and enjoy some Belgian beers.

Credits for the accompanying pictures are for Victor van den Berg, former dutch VMUG leader. He took some nice pictures which you can find here.