RES HyperdriveIn January of this year RES announced that they where working on a secure way to deliver ‘follow me data‘ and file-sharing with a product they call RES HyperDrive. As of Yesterday (June 5th 2012) RES HyperDrive is available.

As was made clear in the announcement RES wanted to make it possible for end users to access their data at anytime, anywhere on any device. Yet they still want the IT department to be able and keep control over the data. What RES HyperDrive offers is:

  • Anywhere access – You will be able to access your data from any device (Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry phones). Data will be available either trough a browser or a HyperDrive agent;
  • Secure data – The data can be secured with Active Directory integration, local data encryption and has remote theft protection;
  • Seamless integration – By using a virtual appliance you can offer the existing storage infrastructure of your company to the end user. And with Outlook it is possible to add larger documents as a link. With which the receiver can open the document from the HyperDrive storage.

With the announcement that was made in January there was a video released, giving a good impression of RES HyperDrive.

For more information and another video about the product you can visit the RES HyperDrive website.

At the moment we see more and more of these type of services becoming available for end users. Most of them seem to offer either simplicity or flexibility to the user, but aren’t secure enough or the other way around. RES HyperDrive aims to deliver both, but so is VMware with its project Octopus. Check back in to when VMware releases Octopus, to see a comparison between Dropbox, RES HyperDrive, VMware Octopus and Citrix ShareFile.