It looks like VMware is preparing a major launch in the next coming days/weeks? Start Believing it yet?

If we look down the path and see what vision VMware spread from the early years this century (2002/2003) up to the point we are today they were spot on.

Looking at the new phrase Believe, Dream Invent, Revolutionize I get warm inside because it gets real close to how the VMGuru crew lives and does their day to day job.

It is reflected in our slogan also, Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun, next to the VMGuru logo .

I hope to see what is behind the slogan on VMworld US in San Francisco or maybe we have to wait till the other members of go to VMworld Europe in Barcelona.

Another sign of a big launch trembling below the surface is that I tried to get some SQL on VMware documentation from the public website but ended up guessing what username I have in myvmware horizonmanager.