First I had to install the Synology Assistant, a simple tool to detect and configure Synology devices on your network.

I selected the new Synology DS1512+ and started the installation. The installation first wants to install the Synology DSM operating system and wants the location of the DSM files which are on the included CD-Rom.

 Next up is the necessary setup information like name, IP address and password.

After this the installation starts and in 5 minutes you have a working Synology DS1512+

The only additional work I had to do, was upgrading the firmware because Synology had just released a new version which wasn’t on the CD-Rom.

All in all, a great NAS which is very easy to set-up but with great specifications, plugins and possibilities.

In next few weeks I will be speed- and stress testing this device and I will report the results within 2-3 weeks.