Today vKernel released a new free utility for VMware admins within vOPS Server Explorer, called vKernel Environment Explorer. This new free utility provides a rapid assessment of the state of the virtual environment, helping quickly determine critical environment health statistics.

Environment Explorer can locate:

  • Identify critical VM configuration errors such as memory limits and old snapshots that will affect performance;
  • Performance bottlenecks caused by high CPU ready, memory swapping, device latency, and other causes;
  • Detect inefficiency/waste created by VMs with CPU, memory and storage over allocation;
  • Pinpoint oversubscription of CPU, memory and storage resources and whether the over-allocation is impacting performance;
  • Find available capacity expressed as the number of VMs that can be deployed without causing performance bottlenecks.

Also included in your free download of Environment Explorer, you will have access to vScope Explorer and SearchMyVM Explorer. As a single virtual appliance download, vOPS Server Explorer offers these three powerful utilities in one.

As virtual environments become more dynamic and complex, just establishing whether or not an environment is under control can require a significant amount of data mining and manual calculation for the VM admin. With vKernel’s vOPS Server Explorer you can locate these issues quickly.

vOPS Server Explorer 5.1 is available for download now: