Imtech ICT promoted to VMware Premier Partner

When we joined Imtech ICT two years ago, the VMware sales was disappointing and we where demoted from VMware Premier to Enterprise Partner. After one and a half years of hard work we managed to get back on top and today we received the message that Imtech ICT has been promoted to VMware Premier Partner!

This is great news as there are only 5 Premier Partners in the Netherlands, SLTN, PQR , Centric, CamIT and now Imtech ICT. This is a great reward of our hard work so VMware thank you very much for this acknowledgment.

For those of you who have never heard of the VMware Premier Partnership,VMware Premier Partners have made a commitment to invest in the VMware partnership through dedicated technical, sales and support resources, and have demonstrated this consistently over time.

VMware rewards Premier Partners with the highest level of enablement, support and rewards and they are authorized to sell the full VMwareproduct line. Taking a solution-oriented approach, Premier Partners engage in complex solution offerings and demonstrate high levels of skill.