VMworld 2012 San Francisco / Barcelona



The first day of VMworld Europe was, as always, reserved for partners. During this day a lot of partner specific sessions are presented. In the session “How to deliver Services Powered by VMware vCloud (PAR1519)” by Bart Schneider (VSSP manager VMware EMEA).

Some statistics: there are vCloud Powered datacenters in 29 countries and 196 cities. There are more than 150 vClouds with a growth of 169%

In the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Services four of the five built their cloud proposition on VMware vCloud. The only exception is Amazon. According to Gartner there are only two worthy cloud ecosystems growing in the world right now: Amazon and VMware. We’ll see if VMware is satisfied with a second place.

Use cases for vCloud solutions are:

  • Rapid deployment
  • Development/test environments
  • Tier 1 production applications
  • global access
  • Elastic Capacity

From a partners perspective:
The adoption of vCloud for partners exists of three areas: Accellerate, Differentiate and Grow.
With vCloud you can quickly go to market with a proven IAAS offering based on the leading enterprise cloud infrastructure.

Bart pointed out that, although they are all vCloud Powered, there is a lot of differentiation between partners. And that is a good thing. Partners have the ability to create a customized offering based on an industry standard platform.

When you follow the two steps above you will be part of the growth the cloud business is experiencing. You can connect with public cloud providers with vCloud Connector.

From a customers perspective:
Next Tuesday VMware is going to launch a new website, vCloud.VMware.com on which cusstomers can locate a suitable vCloud provider and order a vCloud solution or do an easy testdrive. A customer needs nothing more then a credit card to start using a vCloud solution. Note though that the testdrive is not meant as a production environment. If you want to use vCloud for production please contact a vCloud Powered provider which you can locate using the new website.

In vCloud Connector it is possible to connect your private cloud solution to a vCloud provider like for instance Imtech or any other public cloud provider. Withthe configuration of the vCloud Connector you created a hybrid cloud that consists of an on-premise vCenter infrastructure and a vCloud service provider. That way you can move VMs between your service provider and your own data center without a vendor/data lock-in (Hotel California Syndrome).