VMware Cloud Computing Roadshow 2012

Nowadays Cloud Computing is the new buzz word. Numerous companies are now offering various new Cloud Computing products. Literature is buzzing and the Internet and blogosphere is exploding from Cloud-fever. For customers this is a very confusing time because what’s cloud, what’s not and how do I use it in my organization?

  • What is Cloud Computing?
  • What are the advantages?
  • Which solutions are available now?
  • How can my organization use Cloud Computing?
  • How about cloud-privacy, security, compliancy?

All very justified questions! During the next three weeks VMware Netherlands is organizing the ‘VMware Cloud Computing Roadshow’ where they will answer the above questions. Not only will you be informed about VMware’s Cloud solutions but they will also show you that the largest third party cloud solutions run on VMware software.

So check out the schedule here and register NOW to attend one of the fourĀ ‘_VMware Cloud Computing Roadshow_s’ (NL).