VMworld 2012 San Francisco / Barcelona



Today at the keynote at VMworld 2012 in Barcelona VMware announced the expansion of their cloud management software suite and the brand new vCloud Suite with some new updates. VMware also adds a product to the series called VMware vCloud Automation Center 5.1, and updates it’s VMware IT Business Management Suite which further simplifies and automates the management of the software defined datacenter. VMware also expands the possibilities of VMware vCenter server which enables companies to deliver and manage services from multiple, heterogeneous clouds.

To manage hybrid and heterogeneous cloud solutions, VMware focuses on three important areas:

  • Cloud Service Provisioning – Automating the allocation and control of the infrastructure, applications and desktops as a service;
  • Cloud Operations Management – Monitor and analyse the behavior of the cloud infrastructure to guarantee the performance compliance and efficiency;
  • Cloud Business Management – Control and manage cloud services as a crucial element of the business running IT.

The VMware vCloud Suite gets improved Service Provisioning and Operations Management which connects all the components that customers need to build, operate and manage their cloud infrastructure.

The most important changes to the VMware vCloud Suite are:

vCloud Automation Center 5.1 – Multi-cloud infrastructuur and desktop provisioning

To ensure that clients can get better provisioning of IT services, VMware introduces VMware vCloud VMware Automation Center 5.1, a new addition to the VMware vCloud Suite. VMware vCloud Automation Center 5.1 is based on DynamicOps, the company VMware in July 2012 took over, and acts as manager of services, enabling policy-based provisioning is VMware-based private and public clouds, physical infrastructure, multiple hypervisors and Amazon Web Services.

vCloud Automation Center allows authorized administrators, developers and business users request new IT services or manage existing resources through a self-service portal. VMware vCloud Automation Center 5.1 is fully integrated with VMware vCloud Director, so customers can optimize their virtual data centers, which include VMware vCloud Suite’s software-defined services. vCloud Automation Center 5.1 also integrates with vCenter Orchestrator to automate IT process workflows within existing management tools and processes of both VMware and the customer.

vFabric Application Director 5.0 – Assign applications in any cloud

VMware vFabric Application Director standardizes and accelerates the way customers design and install multi-tier applications within the cloud. It does this by using easy to create blueprints with standardized, pre-approved operating system and middleware components. VMware vFabric Application Director 5.0 is optimized for VMware vCloud Suite-based clouds and allows customers to use the same blueprints used to install applications into multiple virtual and hybrid cloud environments including Amazon EC2. VMware has extended the support of VMware vFabric Application Director for both Microsoft packaged applications (Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint) and custom applications (Java,. Net, Ruby on Rails).

vCenter Operations Management Suite 5.6 – Integrated cloud operations management

vCenter Operations Management Suite uses sophisticated analysis on vSphere’s integrated performance, capacity and configuration management. It provides the intelligence so that customers can proactively deliver service levels in hybrid cloud environments. The VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite can double the operational savings that VMware vSphere delivers. This version adds all VMware performance management capabilities of VMware vCenter Operations Suite to all versions of VMware vSphere. VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite 5.6 also includes VMware VMware vFabric Hyperic monitoring at the application level, so customers can proactively monitor the health of their business-critical applications, including Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange, SharePoint, Windows OS and Oracle Database and custom Java applications.

vCloud Connector 2.0 – Hybrid cloud portability

VMware introduces significant enhancements to VMware vCloud Connector, a bridge that allows customers to transfer VMs and applications between both vSphere and vCloud Director private cloud environments and public clouds with VMware vCloud Service Providers. Using vCloud Connector 2.0 enables both networks and workload catalogs to expand within hybrid cloud environments moving the logical boundaries of the data center without having to reconfigure the network.


These updated VMware Cloud Management Solutions are expected to be available in Q4 2012.

VMware vCloud Automation Center 5.1, VMware vCloud Connector 2.0, VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite 5.6 and VMware vFabric Application Director 5.0 are added to the VMware vCloud Suite which will be priced per processor. There are no restrictions with regard to the number of processor cores, the number of virtual machines or the amount used RAM. VMware vCenter Operations Suite Foundation is available as a free download for all VMware vSphere customers with an active support subscription.