VMworld 2012 San Francisco behind the Scenes

VMworld 2012 San Francisco / Barcelona



VMworld 2012 San Francisco is already 5 weeks behind us and VMworld Barcelona is about to start in a couple of days. The US edition was packed with over 20.000 people visiting VMworld. To make sure everyone could follow everything 100% a lot of people have been working a round the clock to make it happen. I had the opportunity to have a glimpse of what was going on behind the scene just after the key note from Steve Herrod. So I witnessed a part of the sound checking for Jon Bon Jovi who was going to perform on the VMworld party on Wednesday. Lights and sound controlled to the max rolled on and off through the main hall, like a roaring lion. I must say it was great fun to watch.


Some fun facts around the General Session only are:

  • 3 days to load in
  • 3 days of show plus 1 Gigantic Party
  • 1 day to load out
  • 8,000’ feet of truss
  • 10 miles of cabling
  • 400’ feet of screens
  • 23 million pixels
  • 30 video projectors
  • 10 Graphics computers
  • 24 channels of Spyder Video processing
  • 4 ME Ross HD video switcher
  • 2 complete sound systems with 750,000 watts of sound going into 164 individual speakers
  • 12’ x 48’ moveable control platform
  • 1,054 lights (LED, moving lights, and conventional lights)
  • 18,432 controllable lighting channels
  • 13 Personnel lifts

And the BEST darn union labor team in San Francisco and the country, according to the Executive Producer Rick Voigt, from Jack Morton Worldwide. And I must say he’s got a point there, I have seen them work and transform a HUGE area just over night. Very Very Impressive.

Thank You all who made VMworld 2012 San Francisco such a great and rich experience, especially all the invisible men and women behind the scenes!!!