VMworld 2012 San Francisco / Barcelona



Transcript of this mornings General Session with Steve Herrod.


There are all kinds of discussions about access, applications and infrastructrures and how that looks. In the past the pc was the device of access. IT could dictate the rules. Now the user or consumer dictates IT with tablets and smartphones. From IT perspective this has a load of challenges.

Safety is a big issue. IT is struggling with BYOD and secure access approach. It usually ends up in point solutions or IT to ask users not to bring specific devices in. The problem is pretty clear, how to handle secure access with freedom without point solutions.

This can be broken down into three steps:

  1. Take the apps and transform them into services (legacy into service);
  2. Broker access to the services;
  3. Deliver the multi device workspace.

So, how to transform those old apps into services. Windows XP is still running everywhere. A lot of companies are busy migrating to Windows 7, even though Windows 8 is around the corner. So how can you migrate this and deliver it to all devices. Use VMware View. The Rapid Desktop Program enables companies to get started with VDI using VMware View in hours instead of days or weeks. With new hardware technologies, VDI desktops can cost as much as $150,–, which is far less than a couple of years ago, when it was over $1000.

So, how about those physical and offline desktops? VMware now has Mirage to manage those. Mirage breaks Windows down into parts that can be transformed and transported to fit other devices. Mirage always has a master copy that syncs with the clients. It offers central management and deployment. So with View you get security and device mobility, with Mirage you can manage physical and offline desktops. Together they form the complete solution to transform those legacy apps into a service.

<Demo of Mirage with Vittorio Viarengo (VP Marketing EUC): Migration of Windows XP to Windows 7 in minutes and then transform this image into a VDI session into a Fusion Image for working locally on OSX, keeping all user settings and personalization intact>

Approaching problems in new ways: User Interface Virtualization, called Project AppShift. AppShift translates the Windows interface into a finger friendly interface for tablets. ‘My Recent documents’ and switching between apps, simply by swiping with your fingers. Also, clipboard actions like selecting text, copy and paste are now easy and finger friendly.  It even works with Voice Integration like Siri on an iPhone.

About the broker services: Not all applications used today are Windows apps. IOS Apps, Android apps, some are OSX apps. How can you offer all these apps from a single point and to all those devices? This is the approach of Project Horizon. With Horizon App manager you can offer apps to devices. With Horizon Data you can sync data between devices. These are now bundled into the Horizon Suite. Horizon Suite will be in beta by the end of 2012. It will offer access to apps, data and desktops from a single point. It is a single workspace to access all your apps and data including Single Sign-On. It also incorporates Project AppBlast technology to deliver apps or a desktop through a client OR a browser using HTML5.

<Demo of Horizon Suite with an iPad>

Horizon is going to be shipped as an appliance. Companies can decide what to install and offer to their users. The admin interface is also a single pane of glass for the whole end user experience within Horizon. Horizon can bring web apps, mobile apps, thinapped apps and services together into one place and offer them to users based on identity and policies.

Now, mobile devices offer a separate challenge. VMware is able to virtualize and offer 2 identities (private and corporate) on a single phone with Android. Now application management for the iPhone is introduced into Horizon, including security and authentication, like preventing copy/paste confidential corporate info outside of corporate control.

<demo of iPhone with Horizon>

The core of both offerings, Mirage with View and Horizon Suite, is integration into a single interface or suite for easy access and management.

Now there will be a new thing. the VMworld 2012 Challenge: 5 diamond sponsors are allowed to present a brand new innovation in 4 minutes, than the audience can vote for the best solution and VMware will donate $10.000 to a charity of their choice

EMC’s Chac Sackac presents vVols on top of their vPlex infrastructure, which radically simplifies storage management. A VM can be vmotioned while the underlying vVol  is replicated over large distances like from the US to Barcelona (9500 km) with full integrity of the VM kept. Sponsor of Down Syndrome Foundation in Madrid.

Cisco’s Rob Boyd and Jimmy Ray Purser of TechwiseTV present LISP Networks. IP identifies a VM with location and identiy. LISP seperates those 2 which simplifies networks. VMs can move around in several datacenters keeping their identity and client connections. A VM can be vMotioned, updates a LISP server and the location is known again. Sponsor of World Food Program.

NetApp’s Brandon Howe presents vSAN’s. With vSANs you can dynamically manage data over multiple SANs without any interruption on the connection end. vSANs are created in seconds. Data can be moved to a faster system or distributed over more SANs dynamically. Sponsor of Right to Play.

HP’s Nigel Cook presents HP’s Cloud System to design and manage a virtual infrastructure based on templates. A virtual datacenter can be created in minutes using the HP Matrix Infrastructure Orchestration, which integrates with VMware’s vCloud Director. Also, an existing virtual datacenter can be modified to adapt to bigger loads with 5 clicks. All this can be managed from 1 console. Sponsor of Red Cross

Dell’s Drew Engstrom presents end-to-end deployment out of the box. Dell’s vStart 1000 is a box including servers, storage and networking shipped as a single box. Dell’s integrated management integrates with vCenter where it can be managed. Servers and storage can be updated, deployed and managed directly from vCenter. The vStrat 1000 is optimized for VMware View deployment including Dell Wyse P25 PCoIP clients. Dell also offers Dell AppAssure as data recovery solution to guarantee data integrity. Sponsor of IGR.

The audience now can vote for the best demo. And the winner is…. Chad Sackac with EMC. VMware will donate to ALL charities as a thank you to all sponsors.

This concludes the general session for Wednesday