VMware PressLast week I got a tip on a new book on VMware vSphere 5 I would like to share. It’s a VMware Press book which is called ‘Building a virtual Datacenter’ and it has been published in 3 different language : English, Spanish and French which is uncommon for a book on VMware.

The book provides an understandable and global view of vSphere 5, with a ton of information and advice from real world examples. It describes the necessary design choices in a way which is accessible to most readers, not only to a select group of experts.

The book has a nice buildup, the first chapters are devoted to understanding VMware vSphere 5’s functionalities and in the following chapters the links between this technology and the datacenter’s various elements are described such as servers, storage, network, backup and service continuity. In the last chapter, a case study of a migration to a virtualized environment within a large company’s datacenter is discussed, with objectives clearly defined by the corporation’s management.

This book is intended primarily for those in charge of infrastructure projects within information systems like system engineers, VMware and storage administrators, project managers, consultants, architects, sales specialists, evangelists etc.

You can find more information on Amazon.