compassAt we’ve done a lot of articles on VDI performance and best practices. Recently I’ve done an article on ‘How to improve VMware View video performance‘ and Edwin did an article on ‘Boosting Google maps and video with VMware View‘.

Researching the possibilities and changes with Horizon View 5.2, Eric Sloof pointed me to two new technical white papers.

VMware recently released two white papers, one on the performance and best practices for the new VMware Horizon View 5.2 and the second on the use of hardware accelerated 3D graphics with VMware Horizon View 5.2.

This is must read material for everyone who’s designing, planning and installing a VMware Horizon View 5.2 VDI environment.

These papers discuss the best practices and performance improvements for VMware Horizon View 5.2 and the use of hardware accelerated 3D graphics. Besides that, they also highlights some of the new features like:

  • Optimized PCoIP image caching which results in a bandwidth improvement of up to 10% across different network conditions;
  • Other PCoIP improvements included like dynamic GPO settings and the support of relative mouse;
  • Windows 8 optimizations which can provide up to 60% bandwidth savings;
  • View administration performance improvements which can result in a 100% improvement for various administrative operations such as provisioning, recompose, and re-balancing;
  • SESparse disk which allows administrators to minimize storage overhead by efficiently using and reclaiming storage-space which minimizes the storage capacity required for persistent desktops and decreases the need to continuously recompose and restore images;
  • vSGA feature which enables the use of hardware-backed 3D support.

So check out these white papers: