VMware vExpert 2013 !

VMGuru.nl is very proud to announce that for the fifth year in a row, we can proudly put the VMware vExpert logo on our site.

Alex, Edwin and myself have been given the vExpert award 2013 for our contributions to the VMware virtualization community. This is an acknowledgement of our work and we will continue to share our knowledge and expertise with others. vExpert2013

The vExpert program is a way for VMware to acknowledge and help those who ‘go the extra mile’ and give back to the VMware user community by sharing their expertise and time. vExperts are bloggers, book authors, VMUG leaders, event organizers, speakers, tool builders, forum leaders, and others who share their virtualization expertise.

This year there are 580 vExperts worldwide of which 145 are from the US, 27 from the UK, 13 from Germany and 30 from the Netherlands. I’m proud, humbled and honored to be included and I’m looking forward to another great year! Congratulations to all fellow vExperts!

Special thanks go out to John Troyer, who had to endure our abuse but in spite of that spent very much time in the vExpert program. Thanks John!