VMware View with FlexPod deployment guide


As a Cisco/NetApp FlexPod Partner we deploy a lot of FlexPods with all kinds of workloads. One of the more populair applications of aFlexPod is a VMware View environment. One of the tools to execute a valid and correctly configured FlexPod is a CVD, a Cisco Validated Design. Looking for the latest CVDs I ran across a very helpful VMware deployment guide for VMware view on a FlexPod. This is a must read for every architect, consultant or administrator designing a VMware View deployment on a FlexPod.This VMware View with FlexPod deployment guide describes the Flexpod reference architecture for a VMware View 5.1 deployment on Cisco UCS servers and NetApp FAS storage systems. It also provides detailed guidance on how to architect, implement, and manage a large, scalable VMware View solution with FlexPod. The paper details the best integration points for each of the key enabling Cisco and NetApp technologies and how each of these technologies plays a critical and complementary role in providing an integrated solution for VMware View deployments.

This paper is intended for IT decision makers, architects, administrators, and others who want to familiarize themselves with the components and capabilities of VMware View on FlexPod. This paper assumes that the reader has a general understanding of VMware View and the VMware vSphere platform, and the Flexpod, Cisco, and Netapp products described in this solution.

Check out the VMware View with FlexPod deployment guide.