VMworld 2013 teaser

The biggest event of the year for us virtualization enthusiasts is just around the corner. VMworld celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. From 25 up to the 29 of August San Francisco’s famous Moscone Center will host VMworld 2013 and it’s huge audience. It’s going to be another great show, I’m sure.

What’s hot and what’s not? We’ll see in a day or two. The EMC boys took an early shot, check it out (the video’s are epic) :) Expect to see a lot more from the software defined datacenter, with focus on storage and security.

VMGuru at VMworld US 2013

I’ll be attending VMworld for VMGuru this year. I will do my best to find and write about the newest stuff and amazing trends there are to spot.

If you have any special requests, like  things you think we should definitely take a look at, send us a message on Twitter @vmguru_nl and I’ll go and check it out!

See ya in the US!