VMworld 2013.png

It is done! VMworld 2013 in Barcelona is over and today I will fly back home. It was a great VMworld with a lot of announcement, releases and a lot of networking. For me it was a great educational experience and one of the few opportunities to meet up with the community friends I normally only chat or e-mail with.

The things that really stood out for me and I can use in my daily work directly or start testing were:

If you want to check all VMworld announcements, check out this article.

Last year I’ve vented some issues with the event being held in Barcelona because I went home with mixed feelings. But the setup this year was much more compact.

I will go home with lots of new knowledge, ideas and contacts. Enough to make good use of in the coming year, so in that sense it was certainly successful. Thanks again for VMware for another VMworld and until next year.