New fling AND a pass for VMworld 2014?

Perhaps you are already using a fling from VMware, for example the View pool manager or the Autodeploy GUI. But it isn’t enough. You want more. You have the need to automate some manual task and there just isn’t a tool for it right now.

Well, here’s your chance. VMware invites you to share ideas for new VMware Flings from August 26 to November 15, 2013. The submitter of the winning Fling idea, as chosen by the VMware judging panel, will be awarded a free pass for VMworld 2014. Even more exciting is that VMware will build and release a new Fling based on the winning idea.


You have a VMware Horizon View setup with multiple vCenter Servers and equal Update Managers. You now have to manage multiple Update Managers servers and multiple dashboards to check for the compliance of your environment. But there is nothing different between the Update Manager servers, except that they are configured for a different vCenter server.

If only there was a tool that could manage multiple Update Manager servers and pull the compliancy information into a single dashboard.

Well, that is just the thing that you would enter at the fling contest.

For this specific example I already entered a suggestion at, but perhaps you need another tool.

Just go ahead and enter it at and perhaps we will see you at VMworld 2014.