VMGuru at Geek Whisperers

Way back in time, when we started VMGuru, we actually had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. Full of ideas and energy we went to all the events (VMworld Cannes, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Dutch VMUG, Belgian VMUG, etcetera), packed with laptops, photo- and videocameras and went to work like a bunch of crazy nerds. Most of you who have seen us, know the picture. Four guys, packed with gear, typing like mad in the community lounge, asking questions in sessions, attending demo’s at the Solutions Exchange. Since then we’ve learned a lot along the way. We dropped video from the program (it took too much time to process and edit versus the views it got), we tuned our website, we have a lot more eye for social media, like our recently opened Facebook page.

Last VMworld in Barcelona, the boys got together with on invitation of John Troyer(@jtroyer), our trusted VMware community dad, for a podcast with him, Amy Lewis (better known by us as @Commsninja) and Matthew Brender (@mjbrender), for Geek Whisperers. Of course, we were flattered to be invited. The result is about 45 minutes of fun, interview and info on how we got our blog together the way we did. Check Erik, AJ and Edwin out on this entertaining interview at Geek-whisperers.com.