More and more applications are supported on the VMware Platform, with the release of VMware vSphere 5.5 the boundaries of virtual machines have been expanded even more. Often we get questions about which applications are supported on the VMware virtual platform. There is a website page where you can search for specific applications and if they are supported by the software publisher and a link to the support statement. In January 2012 there where 3490 applications support, nowadays the counter shows 5058 applications and counting.

You can search for an application by entering its title or the name of the software publisher.  Search results will display all supported software as well as applications that have already been submitted by other users.  If the application is not currently supported, you may Register/Login to vote and help VMware get the application officially supported sooner by the software publisher.

If the application is currently not supported, Register/Login to submit a new application or vote for one already submitted by another user.  More votes will help VMware get the application supported by the publisher sooner. If you want your software publisher to support the VMware platform refer them to the VMware ISV Center so they can obtain information on how to get a VMware Ready Badge and how to enjoy the advantages of working with VMware. If they validate their application, they can start enjoying the co-branding benefits of the VMware Ready program. Which shows to the world that their application(s) have met VMware integration or interoperability criteria and are ready for use with VMware vSphere.

Why Support Your Apps with VMWare?

  • VMware is the global leader in virtualization with more than 190,000 customers and 4 million users
  • More than 2,000 applications are already explicitly supported by over 1,000 software providers
  • VMware solutions provide an application-aware infrastructure with built-in availability, scalability, security and performance guarantees