NakivoToday Nakivo announced the release of their fourth version for backup & replication. Nakivo backup & replication is build for handeling virtual infrastructures and is certified by VMware. The product works agentless and is meant for both onsite and offsite backup of virtual machines.

The new version of backup & recovery includes:

  • Instantly browse, search, and recover Microsoft Exchange objects – such as emails – directly from compressed and deduplicated VMware VM backups, without the need to restore the entire VM first. This feature is 100% agentless, and does not require creating a seperate restore and then recover your item. Exchange objects can be recovered even from existing Nakivo backups created by previous versions of the product.
  • Truncate Microsoft Exchange logs. Over time, Microsoft Exchange database transaction log files accumulate and can consume all of the available disk space, if not periodically removed. Nakivo Backup & Replication v4 provides the option to delete the logs after a successful backup to free up disk space.
  • Verify VM backups ad hoc or on schedule. Nakivo Backup & Replication checks VM backups at the block level and ensures that the data written to the backup repository is identical to the data that was read from the source VM, thus verifying that application objects, files, and the entire VM can be recovered.

These new features are available in the enterprise editions of Backup & Replication. Licensing is done on a per-socked basis and only the sockets for the sources are counted. For qualified cloud service providers there is an option to license on a per-VM monthly basis. Pricings and editions can be found here.

In a market where there are multiple backup & replication solutions Nakivo released some documentation on their site for comparinson with other solutions.

Since deploying backup & replication is a simple task to complete I would recommend downloading their trial and give it a try.