Banner VMworld 2014 EuropeThe VMworld 2014 Europe Schedule builder is Live! It offers access to over 115 technical and content-rich sessions and labs. Covering the latest in virtualization innovations in the data center for storage, networking, security, management, workforce mobility and hybrid cloud services. You’ll also have the opportunity to connect and network with other IT professionals and experts. I currently see over 384 sessions to choose from! There are four tracks around: End-User Computing, Hybrid Cloud, Software Defined Datacenter and if you are a partner the Partner Track. You can also tweak around with the content and the angle you need like Business Solution, Technical or Advanced Technical. Some examples which are really appealing to schedule:

Session Number Track Sub-Track Session Title
EUC2027 End-User Computing Desktops & Apps Characterise Performance in Horizon 6 (Advanced Technical)
SDDC2190 Software-Defined Data Center vCloud Suite Introduction to IT Outcomes Delivered by the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) (Business Solution)
VAPP2272 Software-Defined Data Center Virtualizing Applications Oracle 12c Multitenancy vs. OS-Level Virtualization (ala VMware vSphere): A Balanced Comparison
SEC2296 Software-Defined Data Center Networking and Security The Insider Threat and the Cloud: The Harsh Reality in the Wake of Recent Security Breaches
HBC2066 Hybrid Cloud vCloud Hybrid Service Architect the Hybrid Cloud for Microsoft Exchange and Lync

If you are going to VMworld Europe Schedule builder is now online! You can access the online tool where you sign up for the sessions you want to attend. You have to be registered to access Schedule Builder tho, and some sessions fill up quickly. Pre-registration is strongly suggested. So don’t wait, register now!