Fusion 7Just moments ago VMware has released VMware Fusion 7, their personal desktop virtualization software for the Mac.

VMware Fusion 7 is optimized for the latest Macs and ready for OS X Yosemite and Windows 8.1.

Designed for OSX Yosemite

With Fusion 7 you will be able to get a Mac-like experience when running Windows applications on a Mac. The updated Yosemite look and feel makes working with your Windows applications feel cleaner and more refined. Adopting Yosemite’s key design cues such as translucency in windows, streamlined toolbars and simplified Dock icon, it also adds more dimension when managing virtual machines. Besides that it also leverages Yosemite’s control features to ensure a consistent experience across the operating system such as entering full screen when clicking the green “stoplight”, or being able to search and open your virtual machines or Windows applications directly from Spotlight.

Fusion 7 is also compatible with OS X Mavericks and OS X Mountain Lion.

Monster VMs on Fusion 7

With Fusion 7, you can create virtual machines with up to 16 vCPUs, 8TB virtual disks, and up to 64 GB of memory to run the most demanding applications. You can now give graphics-intensive applications an additional boost by allocating up to 2GB of video memory to a virtual machine. And with powerful 3D graphics and support for OpenGL 2.1 and DirectX 9.0c Shader Model 3 graphics, which will make running highly demanding 3D applications like AutoCAD or SolidWorks a breeze.

Gestures Integration

Experience Windows applications like Mac applications In Unity mode and toggle between full screen Windows and Mac applications, access Exposé, show Launchpad, view Mission Control or show your desktop using OS X gestures.

Fusion is now ready for Windows 8.1Windows to Mac

Get the most out of Windows 8.1 new features directly on your Mac and run Windows Store apps side-by-side with your Mac applications. With Fusion 7, view Windows Store applications in Launchpad and the Applications folder or put Windows Store Apps in the dock in Unity mode. Fusion 7 supports Windows 8.1, Windows 8.1 Pro and Windows 8.1 Enterprise.

Near-Native Performance

With a highly optimized 64-bit engine and multicore processing power that makes the most effective use of the latest Intel Haswell processors, Fusion 7 runs Windows and Mac applications side-by-side faster than ever. It delivers up to 43% improvement in CPU intensive operations like multimedia, encryption/decryption, and other strenuous performance tests. Leveraging the Mac’s faster memory, faster SSD performance and greater power under the hood, Fusion 7 lets you run Windows applications at incredible speeds.

You can download the new VMware Fusion 7 here.