Webinar: Optimizing Business Value and Minimizing Risk

Starwind logoSifting through the marketing hype from VMware and Microsoft regarding their “server-side software-defined storage models” can be almost as challenging as understanding the underlying technical issues that software-defined storage seeks to solve. What is needed is a clear headed analysis of the storage challenges created by virtual server computing, the benefits and limitations of competing software-defined approaches to addressing them, and what alternatives exist that might provide highly available and scalable storage capacity in a business-savvy way.

Live Webinar: Software-Defined Storage Architecture: Optimizing Business Value and Minimizing Risk in Microsoft/VMware Storage Strategies

Tuesday, September 24, 2:00 pm ET / 11:00 am PT Featured Speaker: Jon Toigo, Toigo Partners International

In this webinar, storage expert Jon Toigo:

  • Provides a brief retrospective on the drivers of software-defined storage
  • Delivers a snapshot of the current approaches of the leading hypervisor vendors for delivering SDS architecture
  • Identifies the key requirements that have yet to be met

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