Lately you hear a lot about EVO:RAIL. But EVO:RAIL isn’t the only thing in the deployment kit. There’s also Virtual SAN Ready Nodes. virtualsan

Virtual SAN Ready Nodes are a preconfigured ready-to-go hardware solution. Virtual SAN Ready Nodes are prescriptive in that they provides the size and quantity of CPU, Memory, Network, I/O Controller, HDD and SSD required to run a VDI or Server workload.

Every manufacturer has its own size for their VMware Virtual SAN Ready Node. For example, Cisco delivers it’s Virtual SAN Ready Nodes based on their Cisco UCS Fabric InterConnect components to manage it as a single entity from an hardware perspective.

The Starterkit for VMware Virtual SAN contains:

  • 2 Cisco UCS 48-port Fabric InterConnects
  • 4 Cisco UCS C240 M3 Rack servers with
    • 2 x 2.60-GHz Intel Xeon processors E5-2650 v2
    • 128 GB memory
    •  Cisco UCS VIC 1225
    • 7 x 1-TB SATA 7200-rpm SFF
    • 1 x 800-GB SAS SSD
    • LSI MegaRAID SAS 9271CV-8i controller

All manufacturers have their own version of the Virtual SAN Ready Nodes

Current manufacturers delivering VMware Virtual SAN Ready Nodes:


More information about the Virtual SAN Ready Nodes is in the VMware document VMware Virtual SAN Ready Nodes