VMware Horizon FLEX Solution Brief

Last week VMware announced the availability of VMware Horizon FLEX, a policy-based, containerized desktop solution that allows IT administrators to create, secure, and manage local desktops to meet the needs of workers with their own computers, road warriors, and Mac users in the enterprise.

Now VMware published a VMware Horizon FLEX Solution Brief which can be used to deploy the complete solution.

The Horizon FLEX Solution is a combination of existing VMware products, with additional beneficial features. Horizon FLEX is composed of VMware Fusion Pro, VMware Player Pro, VMware Mirage for Horizon FLEX, and the new Horizon FLEX Policy Server. The Horizon FLEX Client is composed of Fusion Pro and Player Pro.

Horizon FLEX

End users work within a restricted virtual machine on their endpoints and can be either connected or disconnected from the enterprise network.


With the Horizon FLEX package, administrators can create multiple restricted virtual machines (Horizon FLEX virtual machines) and entitle them to a variety of end users. The Horizon FLEX solution complements existing VMware virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environments by allowing administrators to cater to both online and offline user requirements. Because the Horizon FLEX virtual machine is stored locally, corporate applications are accessible to the user even when offline. With the Horizon FLEX virtual machine, IT can resolve the challenges presented by the intermittent network disconnection of bring-your-own-PC (BYOPC) and mobile users, while continuing to provide VDI desktops to other users.

Check out the VMware Horizon FLEX Solution Brief here.