vRealize MPVMware just released the vRealize Automation Management Pack for vRealize Operations Manager.

The Management Pack for vRealize Automation extends operational management capabilities of the vRealize OperationsManager platform to provide tenant-aware operational visibility of the infrastructure supporting private clouds to cloud provider administrators.

In addition to the 3 out of box dashboards, this MP extends operational management platform, analytics and custom dashboarding capabilities of vR Ops to vRA’s cloud constructs like Tenants, Business Groups, Reservations, Reservation policies, etc.

This management pack provides comprehensive visibility into the performance health and capacity risk of the tenant’s business groups supported by the underlying cloud infrastructure. The Cloud Infrastructure dashboard provides actionable recommendations for the problem alerts at each layer of the cloud stack. vRealize Operations’ custom dashboarding now enables cloud administrators to extend operational visibility into business groups or critical infrastructure tier.

vRealize Automation MP

It enables cloud admins to get per and across tenant visibility into the growth trend of resource usage across tenant business groups and if there is any capacity risk now or in the near future. It helps predict capacity shortage by creating what-if capacity projects based on tenant reservations.

It helps improve time to troubleshoot a tenant’s workload vs infrastructure issue by giving line of sight visibility into the impact to performance health and capacity risk to the business groups and due an operational issue in underlying cloud infrastructure layer.


  • Out-of-the box dashboards developed exclusively for vRealize Automation to provide a quick overview of vRealize Tenants, Business Groups, Reservations, and Reservation Policies supported by the underlying cloud infrastructure and their health.
  • Extensive correlation between vRealize Automation’s cloud objects (Tenants, Business Groups, Reservations, Reservation Policies, etc.) and vSphere objects (VMs, Clusters, Datastores, etc.), and enables easy visualization and troubleshooting.
  • Built on the powerful vRealize Operations analytics platform. This management pack leverages capacity and performance analytics coupled with smart alerts to provide population alerts and instruction to simplify cloud infrastructure’s day-to-day operations.


vRealize Automation

  • vRealize Automation 6.1 or 6.2.
  • vRealize Operations Manager 6.0 and once 6.0.1 goes GA.
  • vCenter adapters configured in vROPS for each vCenter being used in vRA (needed for deployed VMs & their credentials).


  • Firefox (FF) – Versions FF 34.0 and FF 35.0.
  • Chrome – Version 39.0.
  • Internet Explorer (IE) – Version IE 11.


Interested? You can find more information in the vRealize Operations MP for vRealize Automation v1.0 User Guide.

Or you can download it from the VMware Solution Exchange.