vCO-UCSVMware Orchestrator is a development and process-automation platform that provides a library of extensible workflows that allow you to create and run automated, configurable processes to manage the VMware vSphere infrastructure. Orchestrator uses its open plugin architecture to allow you to integrate with other management and administration solutions.

Cisco has done just that and created an Orchestrator plugin for Cisco UCS.

The Cisco UCS Manager plugin for VMware Orchestrator leverages the open plugin architecture of the Orchestrator to integrate the Orchestrator with UCS Manager. After integration, the plugin utilizes the capabilities of Orchestrator enabling you to create actions and workflows for managing both UCS and vSphere infrastructure in the data center.

Cisco UCS Plugin 1.0(1) for VMware vRealize Orchestrator 5.x is now certified by VMware and is live on VMware Solutions Exchange now for customers of Cisco and VMware.

This plugin helps vCO administrators to create workflows and orchestrate the configuration and management of both Cisco UCS physical infrastructure and VMware virtual infrastructure.

Cisco UCS Plugin features

This release support the following features:

  • Configuration interface to register and manage UCS domains in vRealize Orchestrator.
  • Around 1.800 vRealize Orchestrator actions to get, set, add and remove UCS managed objects of all features available in the UCS Manager Release 2.2(3a).
  • Equipment and server related managed objects in the UCS domain are enabled as inventory objects.
  • Canned workflows.
  • vRealize Orchestrator actions for the following operations:
    • Import and export UCS backup.
    • Clone and rename service profile.
    • Associate and disassociate service profile.
    • Create service profile from template.
    • Get UCS tech support file.

Cisco UCS Plugin requirements

VMware vCenter Orchestrator

This version of the plugin is supported on the following VMware vCenter Orchestrator releases:

  • vCenter Orchestrator 5.1.x
  • vCenter Orchestrator 5.5.x

Cisco Unified Computing System Manager

This version of the plugin supports following major release of UCS Manager:

  • UCS Manager Release 2.1(x)
  • UCS Manager Release 2.2(x)

You can download the plugin here.