vSphere 6 Pricing PackagingRecently VMware announced some changes in the vSphere 6 Pricing. vSphere is available standalone or as a part of vSphere with Operations Management or vCloud Suite. For information on upgrading to vSphere 6.0, visit the vSphere Upgrade Center.

vSphere 6 pricing & packaging

In the chart below you find the vSphere 6 Pricing & Packaging.

vSphere 6 Pricing_Packaging

If you’re still running vSphere 4.x, here are the different ways to upgrade to vSphere 6. You can upgrade in the same line, like Standard to Standard, but also from Advanced to Enterprise. Checkout the Update Center for the exact details on the upgrade paths.

Upgrade path

If you are still on the advanced version there will be an upgrade price to Enterprise. If you are going to upgrade to enterprise, now is the time to see which features you need or use from Enterprise as well as Enterprise Plus. Since you need to upgrade anyway it might be beneficial to upgrade to Enterprise Plus.