Who does not want to be like PowerCLI Man? For all of you PowerCLI fans out there, VMware Labs released a new fling a couple of days ago. The PowerCLI Cmdlet for NFS allows you to manage NFS from within PowerCLI. VMware PowerCLI is one of the most successful command line tools for managing your VMware products. With many existing PowerCLI cmdlets designed for the system administrator or vSphere Admin, PowerCLI is the easiest and most powerful tool for managing your environment.

customize-vsphere-web-client6-ui-3In the recent release of vSphere 6.0, VMware announced a lot of new features like NFS 4.1 support. This Fling adds a PowerShell module with PowerCLI cmdlets for managing vSphere NFS Users, required for the Kerberos-based authentication process of NFS version 4.1 Datastore. The Fling is an extension module for the PowerCli 6.0R1 release.

You can load the PowerCLI Cmdlet for NFS as a module to your PowerCLI 6.0R1 installation. To see how to install, please follow the Instructions section of this Fling.


PowerCLI Cmdlet requirements:

  • vSphere 6.0.
  • Windows operating system.
  • .NET version 4.5 or later.
  • Powershell version 3 or later.
  • PowerCli 6.0R1.

Check out the VMware labs site