The VMware labs just released a new fling. This time it’s all about remote access with VNC. The release notes state:

This Fling is a stand-alone, cross-platform VNC implementation based on the remoting technology found in vSphere and VMware Workstation. It allows remote access to a desktop session running on another native system, or inside of a virtual machine. The tools are offered as command-line utilities without any UI, but should be usable by anyone familiar with other command-line VNC programs. They are compatible with other standard VNC clients and servers, but using a VMware product on both sides of the connection will enable some VMware extensions for a better remoting experience.


  • Optimized for low-bandwidth connections
  • VMware console-style exclusive input on the client
  • Enhancements when connecting to a VMware virtual machine or VMware VNC Server

Check it out on the VMware Labs website over here