VMworld2015LogoYesterday at VMworld version 6.1 of VMware Site Recovey Manager was announced. This latest version makes use of some of the improvements made in other products to strengthen itself.


Enhanced VMware NSX Integration

VMware NSX 6.2 makes it possible to extend your virtual network across multiple vcenter servers and lets you work with a seconday NSX manager. This will give you much more fexibility when implementing SRM into your enviroment.


Storage Policy-based Protection Groups

Datastores that are protected by SRM will have a tag and this tag can be assigned to a virtual machine. If a virtual machine receives this tag it will be automatically moved to the linked datastore trough a storage vmotion. Once on the datastore it will be picked-up by SRM and added to the protection plan.

Storage profiles

To remove a virtual machine from the protection plan simply remove the tag.


Stretched Storage Support

With stretched storage support, SRM 6.1 now offers the integration of a stretched cluster. This means that in addition to plans for disaster recovery, you can now also create plans for disaster avoidance and mobility.

Additional information about SRM 6.1 can be found here