On november 24th VMware released App Volumes 2.10 wich includes support for Windows 10.

Besides the added support for Windows 10 there are about 12 issues resolved and several new features are added:

  • IPv6 and VMware vMotion Support – Greater network compatibility in enterprise environments with IPv6 support. AppStacks and Writeable Volumes also offer support of VMware vMotion.
  • vSphere 6 Update 1 support: This release includes support for vSphere 6 Update 1.
  • Horizon 6.2 support:  supports Horizon 6.2.
  • Enhanced Storage Management – Storage groups have been enhanced to perform replication of AppStacks across vCenters. Added flexibility to select which storage to use for delivering AppStacks and Writeable Volumes is also available.
  • Expand existing writable volumes: Size of an existing writable volume can be expanded through the App Volumes Manager. This change will take effect after the next user login.
  • App Volumes templates: All  templates are now created with the volume attribute set to NODEFAULTDRIVELETTER to ensure they are not automatically assigned a letter by the Windows MountVol utility.
  • Expanded Office Support – Supports Office365 and has additional delivery options for Office 2010 and 2013. This means that different Office applications can be delivered through different AppStacks to provide greater flexibility in managing end-user application requirements. For example, IT would be able to deliver Visio and Excel in two different AppStacks.
  • Improved Scalability – The App Volumes Manager supports 100% more concurrent connections across multiple vCenters.

For a full list of the changes and fixes you can read the release notes.

What is App Volumes

VMware App Volumes is a real-time application delivery system that enables Enterprise IT to instantly deliver applications with complete application lifecycle management. VMware App Volumes provides seamless end-user experience while reducing infrastructure and management costs.

A more detailed description can be found in this article. The name of the product has since changed, but technically still works the same way as described.