Services and Service Groups for Horizon View does not ship with NSX 6.2 today. Administrators must manually add the Horizon-related services (source, destination, protocol, port information) into NSX. This is a time consuming process and lends itself to errors.nsx-horizon

Since last week you don’t have to do it by hand. Now there is a VMware Fling that does it for you. This Fling is an easy-to-use utility that inserts Horizon View services into NSX, and then combines them into Service Groups. This simplifies the creation of NSX Distributed Firewall Rules, that can be used to protect both Horizon infrastructure and hosted desktops and applications.

Why NSX with Horizon View

With NSX you can create a microsegmented network in which only services that need to talk to eachother are allowed to do so.

VMware NSX, deployed with Horizon, offers a solution to securing east-west traffic between VMs, turning data center security from a perimeter-centric view, with a router/firewall on the edge of the network, to one that gives each individual desktop VM it’s own virtual network, without the costs that go with it when implementing this on a physical level.

Watch this video for more info on the subject.


What are Flings

A VMware fling is  software tool created by a VMware engineer. It is not supported by VMware, but it often fills a gap,fixes a specific problem or offer a utility not found in a VMware product. These flings are published for free on the VMware Labs site, where users can offer feedback and suggestions. Sometimes these flings make it into another version of VMware products.